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It is the quality of people in a company that will determine the quality of the services it provides...''

Accordingly, in HBP S.A., we prioritise the continuous training and professional education of our personnel, so that all our clients receive nothing short of outstanding professional services.

Our company is staffed with university graduates, members of the Economic Chamber of Greece, certified to practice in the economic profession, as well as individuals with postgraduate degrees from Greek and foreign Universities.

With the view of providing services of the highest quality, our company has selected individuals with integrity of character, plentitude of knowledge, team-spirited, highly ambitious and responsible. The organisational structure of the company follows the following ranks:

Assistant Manager

It is HBP S.A. policy to encourage and promote the continuous development of its human capital through continuous education (seminars, educational meetings, inter-company seminars professional events and presentations) enabling its personnel to be up to date with all relevant current developments.

The professional training and education of the newly hired in the audit profession is enhanced through their undertaking of the programs of professional qualification such as IESOEL or ACCA, which they are expected to complete.


HBP S.A. is a Greek auditing firm and a member of Delphi Alliance, an alliance of independent firms that provide professional services of high quality.

REMEMBER: It is important to choose the right size of firm for you''

Job hunting is a process that assumes two conscious decisions; firstly the choice of your profession and secondly the choice of the company in which you want progress your career. The profession of Certified Public Accountant is a career-oriented profession, with increased knowledge requirements but also with great prospects for development. In order to achieve your goals and fulfil your expectations, it is important to make the right choice with regards to the company that is right for you to get integrated, developed and ultimately excel in.

At this point, it is worth noting that the professional experience and knowledge that can be acquired in a mid-sized auditing company, such as HBP Certified Public Accountants S.A., is extensive and of a high quality, due to the following advantages:


We provide our members with the possibility of participating in projects within different industries and of different scope and size, thus avoiding repetition of work and motivating for further development.

Our partners are close enough to the staff to ensure that the needs of all trainees are adequately met in terms of variety and extent of work completed.

Trainees are more likely to encounter all aspects of the work of a practicing Chartered Accountant rather than being confined to one area and having to content themselves with a limited insight into a few facets of the world in which they are forging their careers.

Moreover, the level of involvement in each project is much higher, as junior members are encouraged to assume responsibilities and contribute actively and materially to the completion of each project they are assigned to.


A clear career path can be identified throughout the training period and progress towards manager level may be made within a relatively short time of qualifying. The direct contact with partners, which is encouraged by the flat corporate structure, enhances this prospect as the partners interact with junior members and provide help and guidance along the way.

For any professional firm, “the key to success is succession” and those who demonstrate that they are partner material will find that their aptitudes are quickly recognised in a medium sized firm like ours.

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